Club History...

1974 to Present.....

Our Mission

To provide competitive team soccer opportunities through programs in select, premier and national leagues to the youth of Michigan at a lower than average cost of nationally recognized clubs while attaining the same experience.  Community development through the love of the game while maintaining a presence on the national circuit.  This includes headlining a project to develop elementary schools soccer fields on a regional basis while, promoting social and economical awareness to city representatives and local residents on maintaining school grounds. 

Our History

TSC Soccer Club is a majority volunteer-run, community based not-for profit organization serving the youth of multiple counties for over 45 years.  TSC Soccer Club is affiliated with MSYSA, US Youth Soccer, US Soccer and FIFA and has networked with both local city municipalities and private organizations to develop the club to a regional and nationally recognized organization.  Like all good clubs, the bumps and bruises are shown but hidden from all the success.  With a new 2019 club record of 5 leagues available to possibly participate in, everyone from a new-player to a master-class can find a home at TSC. 
Over the last 25 years TSC has reached records highs hosting over 90 teams covering a soccer community between Chicago, Cleveland and Canada.  TSC has also reached the lows of having but 23 teams and decided on restructuring the club for the benefits of their members.  With the club growing above 50 teams and an expanding youth league, TSC's diverse and experienced staff the club has become a foundation of Michigan soccer.  Though when the club started with one (1) team to now competing with over eight (8) teams in the US National League Conference, our success is measured differently with our club.  Michigan is a top 10 soccer producing state in the US youth soccer player industry and pressure can build on anyone.  Their is over $170 million every year in Oakland County alone.  We understand this, some of us just want to play.    
Housing over 280 years of coaching experience, mulitple awards and achievmenets their is not a better time to join our family.   

 Founding TSC Team

*Thanks to Angela Benavides (Hagen), 1983 Troy Netics Alumni