College Night

To All TSC Members,

TSC Soccer Club is proud to announce the continuation of our players’ development as people and athletes through our “ TSC College Night” series.  TSC College Night is for players aspiring to play at the "Next Level". Many parents and players are seeking information on the college soccer and recruitment process and have so many questions along this complicated pathway.  "When do I apply to College?  How important are test scores?  How do I contact a college coach?  Do I need a video?  What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?  How do I begin the recruitment process?", are all common questions.

It is TSC's hope that the information provided at this meeting will help answer some of those questions and direct players to the right sources for additional information. There are some guidelines that will help you as you prepare for this exciting, yet sometimes intimidating, process.  The meeting will focus on the recruiting timeline relevant to U13 through U18 player along with the applicable rules needed to be followed.  There will be a presentation as well as handouts.  A question and answer session will follow to make sure that all who attend are prepared to handle their college search with knowledge and confidence.

The meeting will cover:

  • Selecting a College: Academics Come First
  • The Importance of a Plan
  • Timeline By Academic Year
  • NCAA Rules and Regulations
  • The College Coach: Correspondence/Letter/Emails/Phone Contact
  • Team Brochure
  • Club Coaches, Parents and Players

–“What Are Your Roles?”

  • Q & A
  • "Should I go pro? I mean I am pretty sweet" - FIFA Travel, Living Rules and Requirements for New Club/Player Evaluations (non-foreign nationals)